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Coaching Staff

Jessica Johnson, Head Coach

Jessica grew up in Port Angeles and began swimming for Port Angeles Swim Club at the age of nine. In each of her four years of swimming for Port Angeles High School, she qualified for, and attended, the State Championships. Jessica's relay team still holds the Port Angeles High School record for the 200 medley relay. She was co-captain of the swim team in her senior year. Jessica truly loves the sport of swimming and the spirit of competition. She has stayed active in this life-long sport while raising a family and has three children aged 9 to 16. With her interest and dedication to the sport she has been fascinated by the developments in sports physiology and training techniques that have been developed over the past decade. Competitive swimming provided her with life-long friendships, travel opportunities and the important life lessons of dedication, determination and discipline. Jessica is passionate about creating similar opportunities and experiences for her swimmers while encouraging them to strive for their ultimate potential. Jessica is ASCA certified.

Sally Uranich, Assistant Coach

Born and raised in Port Angeles, Sally grew up playing competitive sports; taking a full advantage of the plethora of sports opportunities provided by this community, including the Port Angeles Swim Club. In high school, Sally directed her concentration more on team sports and became a three sport Letterman. Her success earned her the Sportsman of the Year award, given at that time to the premier athlete at the Port Angeles High School. In college Sally took the slopes, excelling as a member of PLU's ski team. After college Sally found herself back in the pool so she could train for her first triathlon. She now competes in Iron Man and Half Iron Man distances distances throughout the country. Those events, aside from keeping the competitive spirit alive, also gave Sally the opportunity to learn the science behind the training in order to achieve optimum competitive advantage and healthy lifestyle, including nutrition, weight lifting, and of course, structuring her individual workouts. Sally loves working with children and finds their energy to be contagious. She loves to watch them grow emotionally, mentally, and physically and finds competitive sports to be a tremendous conduit to developing their character.

Lisa Walls, Assistant Coach

Lisa has been swimming since she was 2 years old, and began competing at age 4. After an 8 year break from swimming, she restarted her swimming career at 14 after watching Mark Spitz win 7 gold medals at the 1972 Olympics. (yes, Lisa is approaching OLD!) Restarting at the old age of 14 was problematic at first, but being a highly competitive person, success eventually occurred. Lisa competed on her high school team the last 3 years of high school, serving as team captain for 2 years. After winning the league championship in breaststroke senior year, she finished 7th at the California high school state meet. She swam at Long Beach State on a swimming scholarship for 2 years before transferring to San Francisco for her last two years. She earned All American status twice at Nationals.
Lisa’s coaching career began immediately after college when she landed a job as an assistant coach with a division 3 college team. As she followed her husband’s military career around the country, she took jobs with various age group teams with each new assignment. Prior to moving to Port Angeles, she lived in Tucson, Arizona where she owned a swim team and served as the head coach for 18 years. Staying with one team for so long allowed Lisa the opportunity to coach hundreds of swimmers from the beginnings of their swimming careers until they moved on to success in college swimming. Although being a swim coach was NEVER in Lisa’s mind as a lifelong job, she was hooked on coaching once she experienced the sheer joy watching children achieve successes they never dreamed possible. Lisa was able to coach all three of her children from beginning to end, and proudly watched her two younger children swim at Northwestern University on swimming scholarships.
35 years after beginning her coaching career, it has been an honor to be welcomed into the Port Angeles Swim Club as one of your coaches.