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Question...Where do I locate organizational by-laws?
Answer...Please read the following information. By Laws, Parent Information, Swimmer Information

Question...Is there a PASC Policy and Procedure manual?
Answer...Yes. Please contact a board member at the swimming pool to review a copy of the policy and procedure manual.

Question...How do I become a member?
Answer...If you are interested in becoming a member you can either contact us by email or stop by the pool during evening swim practice and talk to a board member. We are usually available at the table at the West end of the bleachers.

Question...Where do I find meet Sign-ups?
Answer...See the meet information link to the right.

Question...Who are the Board Members?
Answer...The board members names are below and you can contact all board members and coaches at Please don’t hesitate to be involved in the workings of the club and communicate to the board members your interest in helping. There are always jobs needing to be done and many hands make the work lighter!

Current Board of Directors for the 2015-2016 season are:

Darren DuBois, President
Cari Gavin, Vice President
Emily Ellefson, Meet Director
Priya Jayadev, Secretary
Jill Shaw, Treasurer

Administrative Assistant:
Dani Macias